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Travelugo offers excursions, tours, attractions, activities and airport, hotel and cruise transfers that can be included in your customers’ holiday bookings. Bespoke itineraries for your clients at many destinations around the world. Who should use this system? Travel retailers and affiliates that sell leisure, vacation and holiday products to their customers. Suppliers of add-on travel products that are looking to manage and broaden their channels of distribution. Facts and figures: All suppliers are hand-picked for quality and service. Mobile devices, smartphones and tablet computers, can be used to search and book. All products and suppliers can process electronic tickets for each booking. Credit Card and PayPal payments are fully secure. We have a UK based operations and customer service team. Products are available in 52 countries worldwide. We cover 4,500 cities, destinations and resorts. Over 13,000 different products can be pre-booked.

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