This web site is no longer available through this link. Please choose an alternative web site from the list shown below: is the UK's first truly recognized online clinic for the treatment of many conditions including Impotence, Hair Loss, Smoking, Contraception, Premature Ejaculation and Obesity. We have been offering our services, which are fully MHRA compliant, since 2002 and in this time have developed an in-depth understanding of the demands and needs of the online healthcare industry’s consumers. By joining our affiliate program you will be able to share in both our success and market knowledge, benefiting from some of the highest conversion and customer retention rates of any UK based online clinic. In addition to this, we also boast one of the highest average order values of any online clinic at £180 which, together with our commission rate of 13% on new orders, you will struggle to find another clinic offering the opportunity to earn as much per order as our program does.

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