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All Good Hemp products are made from hemp seed containing only 100% natural ingredients. Hemp is a true super seed, naturally high in protein, fibre, Omega 3, vitamins & minerals. The Good Hemp Range includes Food & Drink, and Protein Supplements: Good Hemp Milk: Dairy Free, Allergen Free, Naturally high in omega 3, Vegan friendly. Choose from Original, Unsweetened & Coconut. Good Hemp Seed Hearts: Naturally high in protein, fibre and omega 3. Can be used in baking, shakes, soups and sprinkled on yoghurt, cereal, salads and stir frys. Good Oil: Truly nutritious culinary oil with a light nutty taste, bursting with omega 3. Good Hemp Raw Protein: 100% natural plant protein with 47% protein and 21% fibre. Great in shakes and smoothies. Good Hemp Pure Protein: 90% complete plant protein: the highest plant based protein on the market.

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