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CharGrilled is a well-established brand, with a fully operational capability to produce and create quality t-shirts to order. We produce original t-shirt designs that are humorous, well designed and classic. Many designs from our range have been featured in such magazines such as Stuff, FHM, Nuts, Loaded and Top Gear. Our company boasts many unique selling points, such as worldwide free delivery and the innovative T-Shirt in a Tin Can promotion, as well as other original promotions and offers throughout the year. New t-shirts are added weekly, so there is always something new. The website is easy to use and navigate, with a secure Checkout and Google Checkout integration so customers can shop with security. Our free returns policy is innovative and our customer care creates a high level of satisfaction. We pay 20% commission on sales. 5% discount voucher code available. Please use code AF05 at the checkout!

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